The Veil, Starring Boris Karloff - 1958

Boris Karloff in 'The Veil'

Frank P. Bibas was a WWII U.S. Army Air Force pilot that flew over one hundred combat missions. After the war he produced radio and television commercials, including the one for Herts where the man was lowered into the drivers seat while the car was moving down the highway. He had a yen for the macabre, and in 1958 directed a television movie about Jack the Ripper, and created and wrote 12 or 13 episodes for a new television series starring horror king Boris Karloff. Each story was a complete tale of a strange and unusual story of the unexplainable which lies behind . . . The Veil. The series was produced by the Hal Roach Studios. The concept or 'pilot' episode was filmed and aired as an episode of the anthology television series "Telephone Time"and can be seen here: Jimbo presents The Vestris

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Episode 1, 1958 - The Veil, Vision of Crime
Starring Boris Karloff, Robert Hardy, Jennifer Raine and Patrick Macnee

Episode 2, 1958 - The Veil, Girl on the Road
Starring Boris Karloff, Tod Andrews, Eve Brent and Jack Lomas

Episode 3, 1958 - The Veil, Food on the Table
Starring Boris Karloff, Kay Stewart, Tudor Owen and Eleanor Lucky

Episode 4, 1958 - The Veil, The Doctors
Starring Boris Karloff, Tony Travis, Argentina Brunetti and Elvira Chrci

Episode 5, 1958 - The Veil, The Crystal Ball
Starring Boris Karloff, Booth Colman, Roxane Berard adn Leo Penn

Episode 6, 1958 - The Veil, Genesis
Starring Boris Karloff, Katherine Squire, Peter Miller and Lee Farr

Episode 7, 1958 - The Veil, Destination Nightmare
Starring Boris Karloff, Ron Hagerthy, Myron Healey and Roy Engel

Episode 8, 1958 - The Veil, Summer Heat
Starring Boris Karloff, Harry Bartell, Paul Bryar and Ray Montgomery

Episode 9, 1958 - The Veil, The Return of Madame Vernoy
Starring Boris Karloff, Lee Torrance, George Hamilton and Jean Del Val

Episode 10, 1958 - The Veil, Jack the Ripper
Starring Boris Karloff, Niall MacGinnis, Dorothy Alison and Robert Brown

Episode 11, 1958 - The Veil, Whatever Happened to Peggy
Starring Boris Karloff, Denise Alexander, Whit Bissell and Olive Blakeney