Tales of Tomorrow - 1951-1953

Tales of Tomorrow television series

This legendary pioneering television science fiction show was broadcast live on Friday evenings between 9:30pm and 10:00pm East Coast time. These episodes are available today because someone aimed a motion picture camera at a television set to record the live performances. You will see and hear many mistakes, including a famous flub by the legendary Lon Chaney Jr. as Frankenstein. After four hours of makeup, Mr. Chaney went on stage to begin what he thought was a rehearsal. Instead of smashing the special chairs that would easily shatter into hundreds of pieces, he carefully laid them on the floor.

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August 3, 1951, Episode 1 - Tales of Tomorrow, Verdict from Space
Starring Lon McCallister, Martin Brandt, William Lally and Bernard Lenrow

August 10, 1951, Episode 2 - Tales of Tomorrow, Blunder
Starring Robert Allen, Ann Loring, Philip Faversham and Allan Drake

September 28, 1951, Episode 8 - Tales of Tomorrow, The Dark Angel
Starring Sidney Blackmer, Meg Mundy, Donald Briggs and Mel Ruick

October 12, 1951, Episode 9 - Tales of Tomorrow, The Crystal Egg
Starring Thomas Mitchell, Edgar Stehli, Josephine Brown and Sally Gracie

October 26, 1951, Episode 10 - Tales of Tomorrow, The Test Flight
Starring Lee J. Cobb, Vinton Hayworth, Cameron Prud'Homme and Harry Townes

November 9, 1951, Episode 11 - Tales of Tomorrow, The Search for the Flying Saucer
Starring Jack Carter, Olive Deering, Vaughn Taylor and Maurice Manson

December 7, 1951, Episode 13 - Tales of Tomorrow, The Sneak Attack
Starring Zachary Scott, Barbara Joyce, Theo Goetz and Royal Beal

December 21, 1951, Episode 14 - Tales of Tomorrow, The Invader
Starring Eva Gabor, William Eythe, Edgar Stehli and Salem Ludwig

January 4, 1952, Episode 15 - Tales of Tomorrow, The Dune Roller
Starring Bruce Cabot, Nancy Coleman, Nelson Olmsted and Lee Graham

January 18, 1952, Episode 16 - Tales of Tomorrow, Frankenstein
Starring Lon Chaney Jr., John Newland, Mary Alice Moore and Peggy Allenby

February 8, 1952, Episode 19 - Tales of Tomorrow, What You Need
Starring William Redfield and Edgar Stehli

February 15, 1952, Episode 20 - Tales of Tomorrow, Age of Peril
Starring Phyllis Kirk, Donald Briggs, Dennis Patrick and John McGovern

February 29, 1952, Episode 22 - Tales of Tomorrow, The Children's Room
Starring Claire Luce, Una O'Connor, John Boruff and Terry Greene

March 28, 1952, Episode 26 - Tales of Tomorrow, Flight Overdue
Starring Veronica Lake, Walter Brooke, Lenore Shanewise and Mary Stuart McDonald

April 18, 1952, Episode 29 - Tales of Tomorrow, Time to Go
Starring Sylvia Sidney, Robert H. Harris, Ed Peck and Truman Smith

May 2, 1952, Episode 31 - Tales of Tomorrow, Red Dust
Starring Lex Barker, Fred Stewart, Robert Patten and Skedge Miller

May 9, 1952, Episode 32 - Tales of Tomorrow, The Golden Ingot
Starring Gene Lockhart, Monica Lovett, Theo Goetz and David McKay

May 23, 1952, Episode 34 - Tales of Tomorrow, The World of Water
Starring Victor Jory, Nita Talbot, Logan Field and Mel Ruick

May 30, 1952, Episode 35 - Tales of Tomorrow, The Little Black Bag
Starring Vicki Cummings, Joseph Anthony, Florence Anglin and John Shellie

June 13, 1952, Episode 37 - Tales of Tomorrow, All the Time in the World
Starring Esther Ralston, Don Hanmer, Jack Warden and Lewis Charles

June 20, 1952, Episode 38 - Tales of Tomorrow, The Miraculous Serum
Starring Lola Albright, Richard Derr, Louis Hector and Peggy Allison

June 27, 1952, Episode 39 - Tales of Tomorrow, Appointment on Mars
Starring Leslie Nielsen, Brian Keith, William Redfield and Mark Allen

July 4, 1952, Episode 40 - Tales of Tomorrow, The Duplicates
Starring Darren McGavin, Cameron Prud'Homme, Patricia Ferris and Alexander Lockwood

July 18, 1952, Episode 40 - Tales of Tomorrow, Ahead of His Time
Starring Paul Tripp, Ruth Enders, Theo Goetz and Joy Hathaway

August 8, 1952, Episode 43 - Tales of Tomorrow, Ice from Space
Starring Paul Newman, Edmon Ryan, Raymond Bailey adn Michael Gorrin

August 15, 1952, Episode 44 - Tales of Tomorrow, A Child is Crying
Starring Walter Abel, Peggy Allenby, Shirley Egleston and Bert Lytell

September 5, 1952, Season 2, Episode 1 - Tales of Tomorrow, The Seeing-Eye Surgeon
Starring Bruce Cabot, Edwin Jerome, Joseph Holland and Constance Towers

September 26, 1952, Season 2, Episode 4 - Tales of Tomorrow, Youth on Tap
Starring Robert Alda, Harry Townes, Mary Alice Moore and Bernard Burke

October 10, 1952, Season 2, Episode 6 - Tales of Tomorrow, The Horn
Starring Franchot Tone, Stephen Elliott, Barbara Joyce and Joseph Latham

October 24, 1952, Season 2, Episode 8 - Tales of Tomorrow, Many Happy Returns
Starring Richard Trask, Flora Campbell, Clifford Sales and Gene Raymond

November 7, 1952, Season 2, Episode 10 - Tales of Tomorrow, The Window
Starring Rod Steiger, Frank Maxwell, Virginia Vincent and William Coburn

December 12, 1952, Season 2, Episode 15 - Tales of Tomorrow, The Fatal Flower
Starring Victor Jory and Don Hanmer

December 26, 1952, Season 2, Episode 17 - Tales of Tomorrow, The Bitter Storm
Starring Joanne Woodward, Arnold Moss, Phillip Pine and Ethel Remey

February 13, 1953, Season 2, Episode 24 - Tales of Tomorrow, Another Chance
Starring Leslie Nielsen, Virginia Vincent and Robert Middleton

February 20, 1953, Season 2, Episode 25 - Tales of Tomorrow, The Great Silence
Starring Burgess Meredith, Lilia Skala, Paul Ford and Charles McClelland

March 6, 1953, Season 2, Episode 32 - Tales of Tomorrow, The Great Silence
Starring Nancy Coleman, Peter Capell, Cameron Prud'Homme and Fernande Gude

March 20, 1953, Season 2, Episode 28 - Tales of Tomorrow, Read to Me, Herr Doktor
Starring Mercedes McCambridge, Everett Sloane, Ernest Graves and Paul Lukas

March 27, 1953, Season 2, Episode 29 - Tales of Tomorrow, The Ghost Writer
Starring Leslie Nielsen, Gaby Rodgers, Murray Matheson and Harry Mehaffey

April 3, 1953, Season 2, Episode 30 - Tales of Tomorrow, Past Tense
Starring Boris Karloff, John McGovern, Katherine Meskill and Allen Nourse

May 1, 1953, Season 2, Episode 35 - Tales of Tomorrow, The Evil Within
Starring James Dean, Margaret Phillips and Rod Steiger