Lights Out - 1950-1952

Lights Out Sci-Fi Thrillers

The Lights Out show ran for 12 years on radio, but although the television version was critically acclaimed, it oly lasted for three years. Each episode was presented 'live' and you may see mistakes in dialogue or choppy action. They usually had two nearby sets, and one camera at each set to transmit the picture live to the network. These episodes have been preserved via Kinescope technology. Before video tape the only way to preserve live action was with movie film, so during the live telecast, offstage there would be a large television set with the live show displayed on it. Aimed at the television set would be a movie camera, which would record the show, and after the film was developed, they would have an accurate copy of the show. The quality was not great, because it was limited by the quality of the television screen.

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October 9, 1950 - Lights Out - Just What Happened
Starring John Howard, Richard Purdy, Alan Stevenson and Rita Lynn

October 30, 1950 - Lights Out - The Martian Eyes
Starring Burgess Meredith, John Baragrey, Gavin Gordon and David Lewis

December 4, 1950 - Lights Out - Beware This Woman
Starring Veronica Lake, Glen Denning, Daniel Reed and Paul Andor

December 25, 1950 - Lights Out - Jaspar
Starring Janis Carter, Johnny Johnston and Meg Mundy

January 22, 1951 - Lights Out - For Release Today
Starring Vinton Hayworth, Herbert Rudley, K.T. Stevens, Frank Gallop

February 12, 1951 - Lights Out - Curtain Call
Starring Otto Kruger, Alan Bunce, Elinor Randel and Frank Daly

February 19, 1951 - Lights Out - Strange Legacy
Starring Robert Stack, Margaret Hayes, Henry Hart and Joseph Sweeney

April 2, 1951 - Lights Out - The Mad Dullaghen
Starring Stella Andrew, Glenn Langan, Berry Kroeger and Doris Rich

Jue 25, 1951 - Lights Out - The Passage Beyond
Starring Stella Andrew, Ralph Clanton, Monica Lang and Byron Russell

July 16, 1951 - Lights Out - The Devil in Glencairn
Starring Richard Carlson, John Gerstad, Jonathan Harris, Tom Poston

August 6, 1951 - Lights Out - The Faceless Man
Starring Robert Sterling, Ted Hecht, Pat Peardon and Louis Sorin

August 13, 1951 - Lights Out - The Man with the Watch
Starring Francis L. Sullivan, Peter Capell, Peggy French and Gordon B. Clarke

August 27, 1951 - Lights Out - Mrs. Manifold
Starring Adelaide Klein, Leslie Nielsen, J. Pat O'Malley and Gwilym Williams

October 8, 1951 - Lights Out - Dark Image
Starring Beatrice Kraft, Ann Shepherd, Leni Stengel, Donald Woods

October 15, 1951 - Lights Out - I Spy
Starring Dale Engel, Henry Hull, Dorothy Stickney, Alfreda Wallace

October 22, 1951 - Lights Out - The Deal
Starring Tom Ewell, Joseph Wiseman, Anne Bancroft and Martin Gabel