Family Theater with Father Patrick Peyton- 1951-1953

Four Star Playhouse

Father Patrick Payton was a Roman Catholic priest that was born and raised in County May, Ireland. Along with his brother he moved to Scranton, Pennsylvania in 1928 and when he learned about the Holy Cross ministry decided that he wanted to become a priest. His passion was to share the benefits of rosary prayer with the world. To this end he founded a radio program on the Mutual Broadcasting Network that featured a major Hollywood star in each episode. The radio show became popular enough that in 1951 a television version was created. Although Father Peyton died in 1992, his prayer focused ministry goes on today with ministries that include Family Theater Productions and Holy Cross Family Ministries.

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Near Easter in 1951 - Family Theater presents Hill Number One
Starring Patrick Peyton, James Dean, Ruth Hussey and Regis Toomey

December 25, 1952 - Family Theater presents A Star Shall Rise
Starring Raymond Burr, Richard Hale, John Crawford and Donna Martell