Crossroads - 1955-1957


Stories based on the actual experiences of American Clergymen; Pastor, Priest or Rabbi - the men who give inspiration and guidance to people at the crossroads of life. This TV show aired from 1955 through 1957 and featured many movie and television stars of that time in the dramas. Chevrolet sponsored some of the later programs.

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October 14, 1955 - Crossroads, The Cleanup
Starring Vincent Price, Sally Blane, Lloyd Corrigan and Wheaton Chambers

November 4, 1955 - Crossroads, The Hostage
Starring Don Taylor, Denver Pyle, Robert Armstrong and Lawrence Dobkin

November 25, 1955 - Crossroads, The Good Thief
Starring James Whitmore, Philip Ahn and Phillip Pine

December 30, 1955 - Crossroads, A Bell for O'Donnell
Starring Glenn Langan, Edmund Lowe, Eve Miller and Lyle Talbot

February 3, 1956 - Crossroads, The Inner Light
Starring George Brent, Benson Fong and Keye Luke

February 17, 1956 - Crossroads, The Strange Bequest
Starring Pat O'Brien, Ray Teal, Barton MacLane and Jan Shepard

March 2, 1956 - Crossroads, The Rebel
Starring Vincent Price, Lloyd Corrigan, Carl Esmond and Barbara Bestar

March 9, 1956 - Crossroads, Mother O'Brien
Starring Arthur Shields, Jimmy Lydon and Ruth Donnelly

March 23, 1956 - Crossroads, The Bowery Bishop
Starring Richard Denning, Robert Armstrong, Jean Willes and Chick Chandler

March 30, 1956 - Crossroads, Dig or Die Brother Hyde
Starring Hugh Marlowe, Toni Gerry, Alan Hale Jr. and John Qualen

May 11, 1956 - Crossroads, The Lifeline
Starring Regis Toomey, Kent Taylor, Barbara Hale and Marla English

May 18, 1956 - Crossroads, The Judge
Starring Brian Donlevy, Louis Jean Heydt, Donald Curtis and George Eldredge

November 2, 1956 - Crossroads, The Sky Pilot of the Cumberlands
Starring Donald Woods, Ray Teal, Lee Van Cleef and Denver Pyle

November 16, 1956 - Crossroads, The Timberland Preacher
Starring David Brian, Martin Milner, Ann Flood and Barry Kelley

November 30, 1956 - Crossroads, God's Healing
Starring Vincent Price, Frieda Inescort and Marcia Henderson

January 4, 1957 - Crossroads, The Man who Walked on Water
Starring Maureen O'Sullivan and William Prince

February 1, 1957 - Crossroads, The Happy Gift
Starring Richard Carlson, Sue George, Mae Clarke and Kathryn Givney

March 1, 1957 - Crossroads, Call for Help
Starring Richard Carlson, Michael Landon and Ray Stricklyn

March 22, 1957 - Crossroads, The Last Strand
Starring Conrad Nagel, Mala Powers and William Hughes

March 29, 1957 - Crossroads, Paratroop Padre
Starring Donald Woods, Charles McGraw and Richard Jaeckel

May 17, 1957 - Crossroads, The Healing
Starring Jeff Morrow, Adam Kennedy, Robert Armstrong and Sara Selby

May 24, 1957 - Crossroads, 9:30 Action
Starring Richard Arlen, Steve Brodie and Susan Oliver