See It Now television news show

Edward R. Murrow in See It Now

Edward R. Murrow was an award winning radio news reporter whose World War II reports from Europe won him an immense following in the U.S. He was, and still is, considered one of the finest news men in the history of media. As a leader in radio newscasts, he scorned the new television medium, and was once quoted as saying, "I wish goddamned television had never been invented." But television had been invented, and the march of technological progress demanded that he move his talents to the television screen. He had been hosting record albums that told stories of historic events with dramatic sound effects called, "Hear it Now."

In 1951 Fred W. Friendly, a successful radio producer and friend of Murrow convinced Murrow to host a new television show based on the 'Hear it Now' concept. Murrow only agreed to do the show if they could re-work the process completely and make it an honest cutting edge news program. The show ran on the C.B.S. television network every Sunday evening from 6:30 to 7pm from November 1951 through June 1953. From September 1953 until July 1955 the show was seen on Tuesday evenings from 10:30pm till 11pm. It ran at various times on various days from September 1955 until July 1958.

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February 24, 1952 - See it Now news program
Starring Edward R. Murrow, Senator Estes Kefauver, Sing Sheng