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Don McNeill in The Breakfast Club

In 1933 Don McNeill was asked by NBC radio to host a morning radio program in Chicago. The show he created was called "The Breakfast Club" and it ran from June 23, 1933 until December 27, 1968, making him the longest running network show in broadcast history. On May 12, 1948, a Presidential election year, NBC's other network, called ABC, decided to try something very new and different. They decided to move his radio show to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, where a month later, from June 12-14 the Democratic party would decide to run Harry Truman from Missouri as their Presidential candidate. A hundred years earlier, on June 7, the Whig party nominated Zachary Taylor from Louisiana at their convention in Philadelphia.

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May 12, 1948 - The Breakfast Club from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Starring Don McNeill, Ace Murphy, Fran Allison and Charlotte Thompson Reid