The Price is Right - 1956-1965

Amos Burke

In the original version of "The Price is Right," four contestants, one a returning champion, competed to select the closest price without going over the price on different items. The show ran on Wednesday evenings on NBC from 1956-1965. After an item was displayed, the contestants, one at a time, bid on the item. Each bid had to be higher than the previous bid; each contestant could "freeze," or stop bidding, if they believed their next bid would cause them to overbid. The bidding continued until an undefined time limit expired. Host Bill Cullen then announced the price of the item; the contestant who bid closest without going over won the prize (and on occassion, won either a bonus prize or got to play a bonus game). The last prize of the day usually was the most valuable. The day's champion, with the most winnings, got to return to the next show.