Suspense - 1949-1954

Suspense Theater of Thrills

The CBS radio network aired the Suspense drama programs from 1942 through 1962, and biled as 'radio's outstanding theater of thrills,' so in 1949 CBS created a television version that was broadcast live each week on Tuesday evenings. Announcer Rex Marshall did live advertisements for sponsor Auto-Lite car products each week, and the live episodes were accompanied by organ music, like the early television soap operas. The surviving episodes are Kinescopes filmed during the live broadcast.

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October 11, 1949 - Suspense, A Cask of Amontillado
Starring Bela Lugosi, Romney Brent, Ray Walston and Rex Marshall

March 27, 1951 - Suspense, The Three of Silence
Starring Walter Slezak, Robert Emhardt, Mark O'Daniels and Betty Garde

May 27, 1952 - Suspense, The Debt
Starring Conrad Janis, Brian Keith, Paul Ford and Connie Clausen

August 26, 1952 - Suspense, A Woman in Love
Starring Paul Newman, Gaby Rodgers, Arnold Moss and Berry Kroeger