Studio One in Hollywood - 1948-1958

Studio One

Studio One was a C.B.S. series that ran from 1948 till 1958, featuring live television performances of an hour each. As with all 'live' television that has survived, what we can see is the Kinescope version of the show. While the show was being performed and broadcast live, in a corner of the television studio they would place a large television set, and aim a traditional Hollywood movie camera at the television, thus recording the episode.

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December 12, 1948 - Studio One, The Medium
Starring Marie Powers, Lois Hunt, Beverly Dame and Joseph Bell

June 22, 1949 - Studio One, June Moon
Starring Jack Lemmon, Eva Marie Saint, Edward Andrews and Glenda Farrell

November 14, 1949 - Studio One, Two Sharp Knives
Starring Stanley Ridges, Wynne Gibson, Theodore Newton, Peggy French

November 21, 1949 - Studio One, Of Human Bondage
Starring Charlton Heston, Felicia Montealegre, Guy Sorel, E.A. Krumschmidt

December 5, 1949 - Studio One, Henry IV
Starring Richard Purdy, Catherine Willard, Berry Kroeger, Virginia McMahon

December 12, 1949 - Studio One, Jane Eyre
Starring Charlton Heston, Mary Sinclair, Adelaide Klein, Ethel Remey

February 27, 1950 - Studio One, The Willow Cabin
Starring Priscilla Gillette, Charlton Heston, Jane Seymour and Joan Wetmore

March 27, 1950 - Studio One, Passenger to Bali
Starring Colin Keith-Johnston, Berry Kroeger and Francis Compton

June 19, 1950 - Studio One, There Was a Crooked Man
Starring Robert Sterling, Charles Korvin, Virginia Gilmore, Richard Purdy

September 25, 1950 - Studio One, Away From it All
Kevin McCarthy, Catherine McLeod, Worthington Miner

December 25, 1950 - Studio One, Little Women, Jo's Story
Starring Nancy Marchand, Mary Sinclair, John Baragrey, Elizabeth Patterson

April 2, 1951 - Studio One, Wintertime
Starring Patric Knowles, Anne Bancroft, Dennis Patrick and Leni Stengel

September 3, 1951 - Studio One, Mr. Mummery's Suspicion
Starring Roland Young, Faith Brook, Francis Compton, Betty Furness

November 12, 1951 - Studio One, A Bolt of Lightning
Starring Charlton Heston, Rita Vale, Harry Townes and Anne Seymour

March 31, 1952 - Studio One, The Story of Meg Mallory
Starring Thomas Mitchell, Wendy Drew, Ron Johnson, Skip Homeier

May 5, 1952 - Studio One, Treasure Island
Starring Peter Avarmo, Albert Dekker, Rex O'Malley, Richard Purdy

May 26, 1952 - Studio One, Abraham Lincoln
Starring Robert Pastene, Judith Evelyn, James Dean and Harry Townes

November 17, 1952 - Studio One, Plan for Escape
Starring Peggy Ann Garner, Frank Overton, Jean Carson, Robert Webber

December 22, 1952 - Studio One, The Nativity
Starring Robert Shaw Chorale, Lloyd Bochner, Thomas Chalmers and Miriam Wolfe

January 12, 1953 - Studio One, The Trial of John Peter Zenger
Starring Eddie Albert, Judson Laire, Marian Seldes, Henry Stephenson

May 18, 1953 - Studio One, The Laugh Maker
Starring Jackie Gleason, Art Carney, Rita Morley, Marian Seldes

August 10, 1953 - Studio One, Flowers from a Stranger
Starring Yul Brynner, John Conte, Felicia Montealegre, Robert Duke

August 17, 1953 - Studio One, Sentence of Death
Starring James Dean, Betsy Palmer, Gene Lyons and Ralph Dunn

November 30, 1953 - Studio One, Confessions of a Nervous Man
Starring Art Carney, George Axelrod, Barbara Nichols and Jerome Kilty

September 9, 1957 - Studio One, The Night America Trembled
Starring Edward R. Murrow, Edward Asner, James Coburn, Tom Clancy