Robert Montgomery Presents, The Deep Six

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The SHeffield Story with David Niven

Season 5, Episode 12

Produced by Robert Montgomery

Directed by Norman Felton

First broadcast on November 16, 1953, The Deep Six: After too many lonely months at sea during World War II the feuding crew encounter a Japanese force and are suddenly thrust into a life and death battle.

The known actors: Robert Montgomery (producer and host), John Payne (Lieutenant Alec Austen), Stephen Courtleigh (unknown), Scott Forbes (unknown), Herbert Rudley (unknown), Donald McKee (unknown), Raymond Bramley (unknown), Leonard Barry (unknown), Terry Becker (unknown), Raymond Bruce (unknown), Paul Clarke (unknown), Philip Foster (unknown), Ray MacDonnell (unknown), John McCarthy (unknown), Sidney Paul (unknown), Al Ramsen (unknown), Roberto Rodriguez (unknown)


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