Lux Video Theatre - 1950-1959

The Lux Video Theatre television show

The Lux Video Theatre began on October 2, 1950 on the CBS televison network every Monday night as a thirty minute anthology series. In August of 1945 the show moved to the NBC television network and expanded to an hour. Each episode was hosted by a famous actor, and each story featured famous actors of the day. Most of the episodes were condensed versions of theatrical motion pictures, starring current actors of the day. Because they were presented 'live' - without any benefit of re-takes if mistakes were made, and very little time between scenes, the flow of the action is very different than typical filmed shows. Also, because it was live, the only surviving record of the shows are Kinescope copies, and their quality is always not as good as motion picture recorded shows.

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December 22, 1955, season 6, episode 13 - Holiday Affair
Starring Otto Kruger, Scott Brady, Phyllis Thaxter, Margaret O'Brien and Walter Brennan