Climax! - 1954-1958

The Lone Ranger television show

Climax! was a live hour long television show sponsored by the Chrysler Corporation and the advertisements on the show are a rich history of the American automobile from the Chrysler Corp. As a live show, the copies that have survived are motion picture versions that were obtained by pointing a motion picture camera at a television set, so the quality is not what we expect today. But live television always presented a wonderful spontaneity that allows us to watch mistakes and blunders as they happened so long ago. In the very first show, a telling of the Raymond Chandler novel "The Long Goodbye," long time actor Tristram Coffin was playing the part of a dead man - and during the live performance, he got up and walked away before the director cut away to a different camera, in plain view of everyone watching!

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October 21, 1954, Climax! Casino Royale
Starring Barry Nelson, Peter Lorre, Linda Christian and Michael Pate

December 2, 1954, Climax! An Error in Chemistry
Starring Edmond O'Brien, Lon Chaney Jr., Douglas Kennedy and Tommy Ivo

July 7, 1955, Climax! Wild Stallion
Starring Paul Henreid, Mary Astor, Roy Glenn and Evelyn Keyes

July 28, 1955, Climax! Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
Starring Michael Rennie, Cedrick Hardwicke, Mary Sinclair and Lowell Gilmore

September 1, 1955, Climax! The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn
Starring Thomas Mitchell, Elizabeth Patterson, John Carradine and Robert Hyatt

September 8, 1955, Climax! Public Pigeon #1
Starring Red Skelton, Ann Rutherford, Brad Dexter and Vicki Raaf

September 22, 1955, Climax! Night of Execution
Starring Vincent Price, Nina Foch, Dick Foran and Harry Bellaver

November 17, 1955, Climax! A Promise to Murder
Starring Peter Lorre, Louis Hayward, Ann Harding and Tristram Coffin

February 9, 1956, Climax! The Fifth Wheel
Starring Hume Cronyn, Peter Lorre, Bonita Granville, Arthur Treacher and James Gleason

April 19, 1956, Climax! The Lou Gehrig Story
Starring Wendell Corey, Jean Hagen, Harry Carey Jr. and James Gregory

March 28, 1957, Climax! Strange Sanctuary
Starring Cesar Romero, Rita Moreno, Michael Rennie and Noah Beery Jr.

August 8, 1957, Climax! Trail of Terror
Starring Robert Preston, Diana Lynn, Kurt Kasznar and Dean Stockwell

September 5, 1957, Climax! Trial by Fire
Starring Linda Darnell, Malcolm Brodrick, Byron Foulger and Ellen Corby

October 3, 1957, Climax! Jacob and the Angel
Starring Gig Young, Eva Gabor, June Lockhart and Otto Kruger

November 7, 1957, Climax! Keep Me in Mind
Starring Johnny Desmond, James Dunn, Denver Pyle and Jackie Coogan

January 2, 1958, Climax! Scream in Silence
Starring Anne Francis, Sidney Blackmer, William Talman and Betty Field

February 6, 1958, Climax! Four Hours in White
Starring Dan Duryea, Steve McQueen, Gloria Talbott and Ann Rutherford

April 10, 1958, Climax! The Volcano Seat, the #1
Starring Michael Rennie, Albert Salmi, Patricia Cutts and James Gavin