The Sheriff of Cochise - 1956-1957

Sherif of Cochise

Stan Jones, the author of the song "Ghost Riders in the Sky" created this 1956 television show about the Sheriff of Cochise County Arizona in present day 1956. Sheriff Frank Morgan, played by John Bromfield, drove a brand new DeSoto station wagon, and in many episides series creator Stan Jones played the part of Deputy Harry Olson. The real Sheriff of Cochise County, Arizona in 1956, W.J. 'Jack' Howard, was paid as a technical adviser for the show. Filmed at the Desilu studios, after two years as Sherif of Cochise County, the character was 'promoted' to U.S. Marshall so that stories could be created from the whole state of Arizona instead of being confined to Cochise County, and the show was re-named 'U.S. Marshall' for the final two years of production.

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October 4, 1956 - Sheriff of Cochise, The Human Bomb
Starring John Bromfield, Stan Jones, Hugh Sanders and Primo Carnera

November 11, 1956 - Sheriff of Cochise, Caine and Abel
Starring John Bromfield, Gloria Castillo, Marc Cavell and Harry Shannon

November 23, 1956 - Sheriff of Cochise, The Red-Haired Visitor
Starring John Bromfield, Stan Jones, Myron Healey and Susan Cummings

November 30, 1956 - Sheriff of Cochise, Closed for Repairs
Starring John Bromfield, Stan Jones, Jack Albertson and John Doucette

December 7, 1956 - Sheriff of Cochise, Helldorado
Starring John Bromfield, Robert Horton, Frank Ferguson and Susan Morrow

February 1, 1957 - Sheriff of Cochise, The Lynching Party
Starring John Bromfield, James Best, Gloria Talbott and Emory Parnell

February 8, 1957 - Sheriff of Cochise, Massacre 1883
Starring John Bromfield, Roy Roberts, Stan Jones and John Eldredge

February 22, 1957 - Sheriff of Cochise, Love Triangle
Starring John Bromfield, Stan Jones, Jorja Curtright and Val Dufour

March 1, 1957 - Sheriff of Cochise, The Bank Robbery
Starring John Bromfield, Addison Richards, Herbert Patterson and Joe Kirk

March 8, 1957 - Sheriff of Cochise, The Relatives
Starring John Bromfield, Harry Shannon, Murvyn Vye and Peter Whitney

March 29, 1957 - Sheriff of Cochise, Revenge
Starring John Bromfield, Whitney Blake, Dabbs Greer and William Forrest

May 3, 1957 - Sheriff of Cochise, Husband and Wife
Starring John Bromfield, Mike Connors, Willis Bouchey and Mayo Loiseaux

May 24, 1957 - Sheriff of Cochise, The Safe Man
Starring John Bromfield, Elisha Cook Jr., Dale Van Sickel and Sidney Clute

July 12, 1957 - Sheriff of Cochise, Robbery
Starring John Bromfield, Barbara Wooddell, Russ Conway and Art Lewis