Philip Marlowe - 1959-1960

Philip Carey is Philip Marlowe, Detective

Raymond Chandler's famed detective Philip Marlowe was featured in several television incarnations, and this episode is from the 1959 - 1960 season on the ABC television network every Tuesday evening at 9:30pm Eastern time. Raymond Chandler, the creator of the Philip Marlowe character in the 1930's, died on March 26, 1959 before this series started, so he was probably not involved in the series screenplays, and this series only lasted for 26 episodes, with the episode below being the only known surviving show. Philip Carey, the actor who played Philip Marlowe, was an acquaintance and admirer of the author, often remarked that Chandler had told him that he would make a perfect 'Philip Marlowe.' Philip Carey is best known for his long lasting role on the afternoon soap opera, "One Life to Live," where he played the part of Texan Asa Buchanan from 1979 until 2007.

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March 8, 1960, season 1, episode 13 - Philip Marlowe - Murder is a Grave Affair
Starring Philip Carey, Gene Nelson, Connie Hines and Malcolm Atterbury