George Raft in "I'm the Law" - 1953

George Raft in "I'm the Law"

George Raft was famous for his tough guy role in crime movies, usually as the bad guy, like in the 1936 crime noir movie "East End Chant" and the 1946 drama with Eva Gardner, "Whistle Stop." In 1953 he moved to television, and became good guy Lieutenant George Kirby of the New York City Police Departement. The show only lasted one year, and only four episodes have survived, as far as I can tell. He was even tougher in this television series, but on the side of the law instead of fighting the law. The series was filmed on the streets of 1953 New York City, and included several of his acting friends from the movies, and one baseball star who was later more famous as Dr. Steve Hardy on the soap opera "General Hospital."