Front Page Detective - 1951-1952

Edmund Lowe in Front Page Detective

Dell Publishing was founded in 1921 by George Delacorte, Jr. who began printing 'I Confess' - a 'pulp' crime magazine. Soon Dell was publishing dozens of magazines that exposed sensational crimes, sensational movie star stories and romantic 'smoochies'. One of the most popular and long lasting magazines was 'Front Page Detective' which featured true stories of crime from around the world. In 1951 the DuMont Television Network in New York produced a television series based on the magazine that ran from July of 1951 until September of 1952 at 9:30pm Eastern time every Friday evening. The show starred Edmund Lowe as a famous newspaper columnist and amateur detective uncovering crime from coast to coast. Each episode began with the announcer saying: "Presenting an unusual story of love and mystery on Front Page Detective."

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July 20, 1951 - Front Page Detective, Alibi for Suicide
Starring Edmund Lowe, Paula Drew, Barbra Fuller and Jack Daly

September 21, 1951 - Front Page Detective, Seven Seas to Danger
Starring Edmund Lowe, Paula Drew, Kathryn Card and Otto Reichow

October 4, 1951 - Front Page Detective, Murder Rides the Night Train
Starring Edmund Lowe, Lyle Talbot, John Sebastian and John Harmon

January 25, 1952 - Front Page Detective, The Little Black Book
Starring Edmund Lowe, Joe Besser, Jean Willes and Pamela Duncan