Man against Crime (Follow That Man) - 1952-1953

Ralph Bellamy in Follow That Man

This show was originally named, "Man Against Crime" and was sponsored and partially owned by the R.J. Reynolds tobacco company, with Camel cigarettes as the major advertiser. When the show went into syndication, the tobacco company would not permit the same name to be used, so the episodes that have survived are titled, "Follow That Man."

Not only was this show one of the first television detective shows, it was the first show to be shown on two networks at the same time, airing on both NBC and the DuMont network during 1953 and 1954.

Movie star Ralph Bellamy starred as private detective Mike Barnett, and he found most of his adventures in the streets of New York City. The surviving episodes display some wonderful scenes of the New York City of 1953, and the cars and clothing styles that predominated. The first season in 1951 was broadcast live each week, and after 1952 was filmed like a movie ahead of time.

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November 5, 1952 - Follow That Man, Paradise Lost
Starring Ralph Bellamy, Beverly Dennis, Alan Shayne and Bradford Hunt

November 19, 1952 - Follow That Man, Get Out of Town
Starring Ralph Bellamy, Jean Bradley, Henry Lascoe and Fred Lightner

November 26, 1952 - Follow That Man, Fuller's Folly
Starring Ralph Bellamy, Diana Herbert, Jim Boles and Muriel Kirkland

December 10, 1952 - Follow That Man, Killer Cat
Starring Ralph Bellamy, Frank Marth, Tony Rivers and Calvin Thomas

January 14, 1953 - Follow That Man, Ferry Boat
Starring Ralph Bellamy, Jack Warden, Jacques Aubuchon and Shirley Standlee

January 28, 1953 - Follow That Man, The Silken Touch
Starring Ralph Bellamy, Lee Krieger, Philip Kenneally and Don De Leo

February 4, 1953 - Follow That Man, The Third Rail
Starring Ralph Bellamy, Lewis Charles, Irene Champlin and Joe Costa

March 3, 1953 - Follow That Man, The Ice Man
Starring Ralph Bellamy, Scott McKay, Patricia Ferris and Joe Boland

March 11, 1953 - Follow That Man, Death Takes a Partner
Starring Ralph Bellamy, Don Hanmer, Boris Aplon and Albert Bergh

March 18, 1953 - Follow That Man, Sic Transit Gloria
Starring Ralph Bellamy, Jack Warden, Nita Talbot and Rock Rogers

March 25, 1953 - Follow That Man, A Family Affair
Starring Ralph Bellamy, Gloria McGehee, Alan Shayne and Margaret Hamilton

April 1, 1953 - Follow That Man, The Hitch Heisters
Starring Ralph Bellamy, Patricia Sales, Dolores Sutton and Lauren Gilbert

April 8, 1953 - Follow That Man, Free Ride
Starring Ralph Bellamy, Jack Manning, Constance Clausen and Herbert Ratner

May 6, 1953 - Follow That Man, The Coconuts Eye
Starring Ralph Bellamy, Jim Boles, Joseph Foley and Robert H. Harris

May 13, 1953 - Follow That Man, Room 505
Starring Ralph Bellamy, John Kane, Bruce Adams and Nita Talbot

May 20, 1953 - Follow That Man, The Day Man
Starring Ralph Bellamy, Kit Russell, Wallace Rooney and Ann Stewart

May 27, 1953 - Follow That Man, Hot Fur
Starring Ralph Bellamy, Marion Brash, Lewis Charles and John Devereux

June 10, 1953 - Follow That Man, The Doll Bandit
Starring Ralph Bellamy, Dorothy Hart, Steve Gethers and Paul Genge

June 24, 1953 - Follow That Man, Black Leg and White Tie
Starring Ralph Bellamy, Donald Buka, Philip Bourneuf and Edith King

July 1, 1953 - Follow That Man, Fraternity of Five
Starring Ralph Bellamy, Morton Stevens, Robert F. Simon and John C. Becher

July 24, 1953 - Follow That Man, The Polecat Shakedown
Starring Ralph Bellamy, Bart Burns, Richard Castle and Barbara Glenn

August 14, 1953 - Follow That Man, The Wire-Tappers
Starring Ralph Bellamy, Joe Downing, Don De Leo and Walter Brooke

November 8, 1953 - Follow That Man, Murder in the Rough
Starring Ralph Bellamy, Sally Parrish, Marc Cramer and Fred Hillebrand

November 15, 1953 - Follow That Man, The Main Bout is Murder
Starring Ralph Bellamy, James Bender, Henry Lascoe and Carole Mathews

November 29, 1953 - Follow That Man, The Cube Root of Evil
Starring Ralph Bellamy, Jack Albertson, Elizabeth York and Stewart Bradley

December 20, 1953 - Follow That Man, Petite Larceny
Starring Ralph Bellamy, Athena Lorde, Margaret Hamilton and Chet Stratton