Passport to Danger - 1954-1956

Passport to Danger

Cesar Romero is diplomatic courier Steve McQuinn, who encounters spies and enemy agents as he delivers vital communications to foreign embassies.

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Episode 2 - Passport to Danger - Athens, Greece
Starring Cesar Romero, Carolyn Jones, Maria Costi and Mark Dana

Episode 3 - Passport to Danger - Baja, California
Starring Cesar Romero, June Vincent, Jan Merlin and Eva Ralf

Episode 4 - Passport to Danger - Java, Batavia
Starring Carolyn Jones, Tol Avery, Irene Winston and Marya Marco

Episode 13 - Passport to Danger - Geneva, Switzerland
Starring Cesar Romero, Sasha Harden, Oscar Beregi Sr. and Peter Coe

Episode 19 - Passport to Danger - Macao
Starring Cesar Romero, Alan Hale Jr., Irene Tedrow and Adeline De Walt Reynolds

Episode 23 - Passport to Danger - Monte Carlo
Starring Cesar Romero, Ann Robinson, Mel Welles and Leonid Kinskey

Episode 27 - Passport to Danger - Prague
Starring Cesar Romero, Pamela Duncan, Ted de Corsia and Peter Brocco

Episode 30 - Passport to Danger - Rome, Italy
Starring Cesar Romero, Donna Martell, Carl Milletaire and David Kasday

Episode 32 - Passport to Danger - Sofia, Bulgaria
Starring Cesar Romero, Murvyn Vye, Alana Monet and Stpehen Bekassy

Episode 33 - Passport to Danger - Tangiers
Starring Cesar Romero, Celia Lovsky, Carol Thurston and Jan Merlin

Episode 37 - Passport to Danger - Ankara, Turkey
Starring Cesar Romero, Gladys Holland, John Wengraf,