Northwest Passage - 1958-1959

Northwest Passage

In 1765 America was split into British colonies and French colonies and the two countries declared war on each other with the goal of controlling all of America. Native American Indians sided with the French against the British and the war that ensued became known as the French and Indian War. This is the backdrop for Rogers' Rangers, a group of volunteer Indian fighers and map makers looking for a river that would connect the east with the west, if they could survive the attacks by the French and the Indians. Each week they fought either the Algonquin Indians or the French fighters who wanted to conquor the new land called America.

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October 5, 1958 - Northwest Passage - Surprise Attack
Starring Keith Larsen, Buddy Ebsen, Lisa Gaye and Don Burnett

October 19, 1958 - Northwest Passage - Break Out
Starring Keith Larsen, Buddy Ebsen, Don Burnett and Adam Williams

November 2, 1958 - Northwest Passage - The Hostage
Starring Keith Larsen, Bobby Clark, Larrian Gillespie and Kelly Thordsen

November 16, 1958 - Northwest Passage - The Assassin
Starring Keith Larsen, Pernell Roberts, Carol Ohmart and Jacques Aubuchon

December 21, 1958 - Northwest Passage - Vengeance Trail
Starring Keith Larsen, Paul Fix, Rod Dana and Joseph Vitale

January 2, 1959 - Northwest Passage - The Counterfeiters
Starring Keith Larsen, Don Burnett, Buddy Ebsen and John Daheim

January 9, 1959 - Northwest Passage - The Secret of the Cliff
Starring Keith Larsen, Taina Elg, Maurice Marsac and Albert Carrier

January 23, 1959 - Northwest Passage - Death Rides the Wind
Starring Buddy Ebsen, DeForest Kelley, Murvyn Vye and Yvette Vickers

January 30, 1959 - Northwest Passage - The Fourth Brother
Starring Gene Nelson, Lee Van Cleef, Marcia Henderson and Grant Withers

February 13, 1959 - Northwest Passage - The Witch
Starring Keith Larsen, Edith Barrett, Robert Griffin and Martha Wentworth

February 20, 1959 - Northwest Passage - Stab in the Back
Starring Keith Larsen, Lisa Montell, Paul Picerni and Noel Drayton

February 27, 1959 - Northwest Passage - The Deserter
Starring Keith Larsen, Buddy Ebsen, Carole Mathews and John Beradino