I Led Three Lives - 1953-1956

I Led Three Lives television show

In 1939 German armed forces occupited Czechoslovakia, invaded Poland, and on September 3 Britain and France declared war against Germany. If you remember, the U.S. became enemies of Germany and Japan during WWII, but not Russia or the Soviet Union. In fact, during WWII Russia was invaded by our enemy Germany, and became an ally. But although Russia was not our 'enemy' during the period from 1939 through the mid 1940's, their way of life and organization of government was largely anti-democracy, and they made an effort during those days to organize in the U.S. and influence our people and legislators to swing to their system of government. It was during this time that a young man living in the suburbs of Boston, Massachusetts joined a local group of politcally passive people. He soon became aware that this group was a front for Russian spies, and went to the Federal Bureau of Investigation with his knowledge. They convinced him to remain in the group and report to them anything that he found out. He remained in the group, and rose through the ranks of Russian spies until 1948, when his cover was exposed and he testified in a court case against Russian spies. In 1950 Herbert wrote a book about his experiences as a counter-spy, and in 1953 the Ziv Television company created a television show based on his experiences, and chose Richard Carlson to play the part of Herbert Philbrick. During the filming of the show, F.B.I. chief J. Edgar Hoover looked over the scripts and gave advice to the producers. This television show was reportedly the favorite show of Lee Harvey Oswald, President John F. Kennedy's assassin.

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1953, Season 1, episode 8 - I Led Three Lives, The Spy
Starring Richard Carlson, Virginia Stefan, Roxanne Arlen and Irvin Ashkenazy

1953, Season 1, episode 11 - I Led Three Lives, Parsels for Poland
Starring Richard Carlson, John Zaremba, Diana Archer and Elizabeth Cloud-Miller

1953, Season 1, episode 11 - I Led Three Lives, Purloined Printing Press
Starring Richard Carlson, Mary Adams, Dean Cromer, Joe Kerr and Charlotte Lawrence

1953, Season 1, episode 22 - I Led Three Lives, Caviar
Starring Richard Carlson, Lucia Barclay, Jack Breed and David McMahon