Captain America chapter fifteen, The Toll of Doom

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Captain America, The Toll of Doom

Season 1, Episode 15

Directed by Elmer Clifton and John English

First seen in theaters on May 13, 1944: Chapter Fifteen - The Toll of Doom.

The known actors: Dick Purcell (Captain America and Grant Gardner), Lorna Gray (Gail Richards), Lionel Atwill (Doctor Cyrus Maldor), Charles Trowbridge (Police Commissioner Dryden), Russell Hicks (Mayor Randolph), George J. Lewis (Bart Matson), John Davidson (Gruber), Norman Nesbitt (newscaster), Frank Reicher (Professor Lyman), Hugh Southern (Professor Dodge), Tom Chatterton (J.C. Henley), Robert Frazer (Doctor Clinton Lyman), John Hamilton (Hillman), Crane Whitley (Dirk), Edward Keane (Scarab Agent 33), John Bagni (henchman Monk), Jay Novello (henchman Simms), Sam Ash (second florist), Brooks Benedict (fist florist), Wilson Benge (Lyman's butler), Lynton Brent (airplane mechanic), Roy Brent (Nick), George Byron (Walt Davis), James Carlisle (J.V. Wilson, the first victim of the Purple Death), Ed Cassidy (Tec-Ni-Gas company gate guard), James Conaty (victim of purple death), Lorn Courdaye (gas station attendant), Hal Craig (police patrolman number two), John Daheim (Dodge building thug in chapters 1&2, and lab thug in chapters 11&12), George DeNormand (Pete), Kenne Duncan (Ed Graham), Ben Erway (used car lot manager), Al Ferguson (detective), Terry Frost (police broadcaster), Bud Geary (thug at Grant's office), Fred Graham (Agent B-10 in chapters 4, 8 & 9, and the farm thug in chapters 14 & 15), Duke Green (Platinum Vault thug in chapters 3 & 4, and the Nitro-Gas thug in chapter 7), Ralf Harolde (Tate, the apartment thug), Charles Hutchison (Merritt), Howard C. Hickman (Lyman's attorney), Jerry Jerome (Eddie the informer), Jack Kirk (express truck driver), Glen Knight (morgue wagon driver), Bert LeBaron (airport thug in chapters 8 & 9, and the dynamite thug in chapter 10), Tom London (Mack, garage thug), Herbert Lytton (Carl Evans, second purple death victim), George Magrill (mechanic thug), Paul Marion (morgue wagon hijacker number 1), LeRoy Mason (Bates, third florist), Frank O'Connor (officer at the estate gate), Jack O'Shea (express truck crewman), Post Park (detective), Gil Perkins (barn thug in chapter 2, hotel room thug in chapter 9, and the waiter thug in chapters 13 & 14), Allen Pomeroy (cave thug), Stanley Price (Purple Death chemist), Jeffrey Sayre (Norden), George Sherwood (officer Clancy), Tom Steele (thug at Lyman's), Harry Strang (police mechanic), Robert Strange (gang lawyer), Ben Taggart (police Sergeant Donovan), Ken Terrell (Dodge building thug in chapters 1 & 2, gang sharpshooter in chapter 6, and the phony Humane Society workman in capter 10), Edward Van Sloan (Gregory, Lyman's aide), Robert J. Wilke (the thug with B-10), Joe Yrigoyen (Box Company thug in chapters 5 & 6, and a barn thug in chapter 9).


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